Why do Kpop idols want to enter the cinema?


 After gaining a foothold in the K-pop music industry, many idols have tried their hand at the film industry.

It is easy to see in the K-pop music industry that more and more idols are trying to attack in the movie industry. Usually, after gaining a foothold with music, idols will begin to announce their encroachment and will receive enthusiastic support and cheers from fans.

Unlike real actors who debuted as actors from the very beginning, actors who come from idols are also "imitation" and softer comments by the audience. The reason is that this is not their main job.

Explaining the tendency of K-pop idols to encroach on the cinema, Alkpop said that the first reason is due to age. Compared to the music industry, acting careers can be quite long-lasting, even when they get older, they can still continue to climb to the top of acting. Meanwhile, for the Kpop idol industry, they can only limit the peak to a certain age before being replaced by "juniors". Younger idols are released every year and they are the ones who will attract the audience's attention in the future.

Why do Kpop idols want to enter the cinema?  - Photo 2.

Many viewers think that the career age of Kpop idols is much shorter than that of actors (Photo: MNet)

Another reason given by the Korean audience is that the actor's position is still "higher" than the idol's. Specifically, many people believe that in the entertainment industry, the hierarchy of celebrities is also very clearly divided. In which, actors are ranked higher than Kpop idols.

"You can totally see actors and idols being treated differently at awards ceremonies", "In the entertainment industry, it's better to be an actor", "Look at how they are treated." People in the industry towards actors, they are actually much more respected than idols"... - some fan comments.

Why do Kpop idols want to enter the cinema?  - Photo 3.

Yoona (SNSD) in the drama "The King Loves" (Photo: MBC)

At the present time, many K-pop idols of the second generation have a certain place in the film industry. Examples can be mentioned as Yoona and Seohyun of SNSD (Girl's Generation), Siwon of Super Junior... Even, most recently when SNSD reunited, many viewers were surprised when they did not know that Yoona and Seohyun were also one. band members. It can be seen that the names of the idols who have entered the cinema are really known more as actors.

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