The incredible tribute that a member of BTS received in Europe


 Jimin from BTS is one of the best known and acclaimed artists of the moment becoming an inspiration for his fans as well as painting artists. Just as the artist, Lee K , demonstrated by portraying the K-Pop idol with his art.

Later, the South Korean illustrator announced through his Instagram account that Jimin's portrait would be the protagonist of an exhibition at the " Carrousel du Louvre " in Paris. ARMY made the post viral and many went to the exhibition to see the painting in person in the first days of September at the Louvre Museum .

The member of BTS is considered the most important muse of the illustrator, so the well-known work is not the only one that bears the face of the musician, but he has been inspiring different works since 2019. On his Instagram account, he shared a compilation his works based on Jimin with the title "muse".

Currently, the idol is considered one of the most handsome men in the world. Just as the artists of the “ Fair of India ” expressed their opinion :

“ the beauty standard of the 21st century and the 'Eternal Muse', possessing the mysterious harmony of East and West ”.

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