How is the BORN PINK Album Making Process?


BLACKPINK's Jennie explains the process of making the BORN PINK album

BLACKPINK Jennie explains the process of making the BORN PINK album /Instagram/@blackpinkofficial

BLACKPINK will soon be releasing their 2nd full-length album, BORN PINK .

The four members directly explained the main points of their 2nd full-length album.

BLACKPINK 's Jennie also directly explained how the process of making the BORN PINK album was .

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Jennie said, "As usual, working with the members was fun."

Jennie said that from the beginning of the concept meeting to the last moment of recording, new ideas kept flowing.

They examine each other's thoughts and feelings in greater detail, and are finally able to reveal something deep inside each other's mind.

"We exchanged thoughts with each other and realized that the four of us shine the most when we are together," said Jennie .

He also admitted that it was fun to work with a YG producer who knew the members well.

"I am very satisfied because it seems to be filled with works created by sharing musical synergies," said Jennie .

In this regard, YG Entertainment believes that the songs are songs that melt the team's unique identity.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK 's 2nd full-length album , BORN PINK , will be released on the 16th.***

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