Girl group under fire for 'blatantly' plagiarizing BLACKPINK teasers


 K-Pop girl group DREAMeR is heavily criticized for plagiarizing BLACKPINK 's promotional images for their upcoming album " BORN PINK ", with minor differences, images of the Vietnamese girl group came to light to promote their next comeback.

The agency, DREAMeR Entertainment , shared the schedule for the group's comeback with a layout very similar to the group under YG 's label . The dark background, pink font and lightning bolts give a look similar to BLACKPINK's activity calendar .

For its part BLACKPINK to give information about the world tour of their next musical project, "BORN PINK", in the upper part you can see a pair of fangs and a pink font on a black background.

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However, fans were further enraged when DREAMeR member Bao Uyen 's teaser was revealed, where she appeared looking identical to Lisa in her “PINK VENOM” teaser photo. The idol seemed to copy the interpreter of “ Money ” from the hair and nails, to the edition and colors.

After noticing the great similarities, the fans called the members of DREAMeR for plagiarism, in addition to notifying the situation to BLACKPINK's company, YG Entertainment for proper resolution of the problem.

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