BTS's J-Hope exposes intimate photo of RM and Taehyung


 Today, September 12, BTS 's RM turns 29, as well as the loyal fans, the members have also dedicated a congratulatory message to the boy group leader. So did J-Hope when he revealed an intimate photo of the birthday boy with Taehyung .

On Twitter, some of the members wished their leader a happy birthday . From short messages to old and unpublished images, fans enjoyed the demonstration of the special bond between the members.

One of the members wished him a happy birthday with two photos. The first was from the group's visit to the White House. The second thrilled fans by showing off her muscles . The image shows V's arm next to RM's even more muscular arm.

There has been some debate as to whether V or J-Hope was the one who made the post. Many suspect that V is responsible because the arm on the left is clearly his in the photo, as his famous moles can be seen there.

Still, J-Hope is known for using a lot of emojis and posting a lot of photos for members' birthdays. The idol went on to post a photo of RM and himself showing off his matching friendship tattoo with the caption, “ He is the leader .”

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