BTS: Taehyung shares his first message in response to rumors with BLACKPINK's Jennie


According to certain rumors that have been generated on social networks, about an alleged affair between the members of BTS and BLACKPINK , since when traveling to the same place and meeting in the same place, several photos of the alleged couple were leaked, that nothing has been confirmed, but that on several occasions caused a scandal on social networks, to which ARMY wants to know the truth.

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According to the source where the photos of Taehyung and Jennie were leaked, they describe that they are not edited or modified at any time, which can reflect a clear kiss or hug between the members, but in certain places of their stay in the United States , New York, reflected several love encounters to which many say they are a couple.

Although having several possibilities of having a relationship, these will be private and will not be published at any time, another way that fans think about this supposed love affair, they assure that it is an armed montage to provoke rumors in BTS and BLINK fans, since the photos are silently false of HYBE and YG, but V upon returning to his native country, at no time announced anything if they were really together, with it Taehyung shares his first message in response to what happened, with something very suspicious:

“I have returned safe and sound without a scratch.”

“I took a lot of photos to show you so I will share them soon.”

Describing his very comfortable and happy trip knowing that his return would be to celebrate his birthday with Jungkook and fulfill his solo musical schedule, but when describing without any scratches, some netizens were very curious about his mysterious message, to clarify that Something else happened in the presentation at the VMAs, along with Jennie from BLACKPINK.

Do you think a crush between BTS's V and BLACKPINK's Jennie is circulating?

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