BTS: Jungkook reveals that Taehyung has distanced himself from his friendship


 Throughout our lives, we experience different changes, just like our closest friends. Being able to understand the changes that each one has is a complicated process, but it is part of the evolution of human beings.

During their time as trainees, Jungkook and Taehyung were hands down the best of friends. They were always caught laughing and interacting as if they were a couple of lifelong best friends, even in several situations they got into trouble together.

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“ Even when we were trainees, we were always scolded together. We had such a special bond when we were young. A big part of me changed thanks to you when I was a trainee ,” Jungkook told Taehyung. But, as time passed, their friendship changed on the way to this very moment.

During the sixth episode of In the SOOP, the popular duo Taekook opened up in an honest conversation about their current friendship. Jungkook was honest and revealed that being together stuck like gum, they have grown more and more distant to the point of being more and more distant.

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