BTS: J-Hope gets caught watching shirtless guys on Instagram again


 J-Hope from BTS is without a doubt one of the most talented idols in the music industry. He recently released his album "Jack In The Box", from which his hits "More" and "Arson" were released, although ARMY continues to wait for another single to continue the promotions of the album.

His solo activities undoubtedly started in style, after being the main act of the important American festival “ Lollapalooza ”. Becoming one of the few KPOP acts to perform, but the first to headline.

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In addition to his spectacular solo work, he continually breaks it in BTS. But this is a separate point, in social networks the idol is becoming an icon of memes after constantly being caught watching handsome and cute boys on Instagram. She was first caught seeing Cha Eun Woo. He doesn't even follow him on Instagram but was caught stalking him.

The second time he got caught, he did it with member Kim Seokjin . The boy posted an artistic photo with his back completely bare, and J-Hope was the first to comment. He has now been caught with Kim Taehyung , who left him a daring comment and was among the first to like. ARMY is taking the situation with jokes.

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